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About Sportop

Screen Printing, Embroidery and Promotional Products Company

Sportop Marketing Inc. celebrates 30 years in business after the official opening in January 1982. 

Our employee knowledge and expertise pays off in fast turn-around for our customers. We guarantee our delivery dates. To improve production rates, we invested in state-of-the-art screen printing machines and embroidery machines. Our automatic screen printing machine prints 500 shirts an hour. The embroidery machines are humming all day, and depending on the season, into the night.

We have secured well-known contracts like 1988 Calgary Olympics armbands, Canadian Open hats, screen printed and embroidered products for Kimberly Clark, Bowater, Musselwhite Placerdome, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Fastenal, Bombardier, and Musselwhite Red Lake Gold Mines. They trust us to delivery quality products, at great prices and on-time.

What do we do?

Produce custom screen printed garments (as opposed to heat transfers or digital imaging which can crack, fade and feel thick and uncomfortable) in our 10,000 square foot facility.

Digitize, turn designs into instructions that tell embroidery machines how to embroider.

Embroider quality merchandise with our 48 heads of embroidery.

Sell quality promotional items, corporate gifts to help you advertise and brand your company or organization.

Deliver on-time. We are so serious about delivering on-time that we operate through the night during peak seasons.

Guarantee our work. Sportop staff always stands behind their product.

Top Reasons to Choose Sportop

Great pricing. We have secured the best pricing from our suppliers because of our volume and these savings are transferred to you.

Screen printing is the best. Unlike other methods like heat transfer and digital imaging, screen printing will last years and years without fading, washing out, cracking, or feeling stiff.

Low minimums. You can order as few as 12 items from us.

Experience. High employee retention means people on the job who know their jobs well. Some members of our team have been with us for almost 20 years.

Industry know how. We have invested in our education through consultants and trade shows. We know how to print and embroider shirts properly. You can't imagine what can go wrong in the custom application process until you order from someone doesn't.

We care. We truly care about our customers and the success of our customer's events and businesses. Read our testimonials.

Top Quality Equipment. Our automatic screen printing machine prints 500 shirts an hour. We have a screen printing machine dedicated to screen printing numbers on jerseys, to avoid using heat-pressed numbers that peel off. We have manual printing machines for smaller or trickier jobs. Our dryer heats clothes to 350 degrees Celsius to cure the ink permanently into the fabric. We have 48 heads of embroidery, an art department with the best equipment to digitize embroidery designs, create screens etc.

Appreciation. We will appreciate your business no matter how small or how large. Your order matters to us because it matters to you. Give us a chance to prove it.

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Frequently Asked Questions Embroidery

1. What does digitizing mean?

Digitizing is changing a regular logo into machine language. We take this special machine code and put it into our embroidery computers. This code tells the embroidery machine how to run your design.

2. What is the embroidery that is included in the price?

We have included an embroidery application in the price of most garments to give you idea of what the price would be for the most popular type of embroidery choice. Our price includes what we call a Left Chest Embroidery Application because that is the location typically chosen by clients. However, the embroidery can be applied in a location of your choosing. The embroidery application is priced based on a design of 10,000 or less stitches. Most company embroidered logos are around 7,000 stitches.

embroidery work examples

Here are examples of designs with 10,000 or less stitches. 

3. Are there any extra charges when ordering embroidery?

Setup Charges

There are setup charges for each order. This is the time the embroidery expert takes to set up the industrial embroidery machines to embroider your specific design. Your design needs to be loaded into the computer, all items need to be individually "hooped", and your company colours need to be threaded on to the embroidery machine.

Digitizing (one time fee)

Digitizing of your logo needs to be completed by our art department on the first order only. Your logo has to be turned into machine instructions - basically a set of instructions telling the embroidery machine how to embroider your logo. Once you digitize a design, we save it for future orders. If you make a change to your logo, then we would have to digitize your design again.  If you have ordered embroidered items from another company and paid for this service already, that company can email your digitized design to our company. Talk to your sales representative about this.

4. Can I approve my artwork before my items are embroidered?

Yes, the is a vital part of our process. After the art department works with your file, your sales person will ask you to review your artwork looking for any errors. Is something missing from your logo? Are there any spelling mistakes? Are the proper colours used? Are there any words omitted?

5. Can I use my logo?

Yes, we specialize in custom embroidery. Your logo is sent to the art department and our artists change the logo into a file that can be read by embroidery machines. This is called digitizing the design. Digitizing a design only has to be done once. We then save the digitized file for feature orders.

6. Can you develop a logo for me?

Yes, our artists are trained to develop logos and other designs. This is a big part of what we do for our customers. Talk to a salesperson about the price of developing a logo or design for your order.

7. Can you embroider on anything?

We can embroider on a variety of items but we need to place a hoop around the item being embroidered to hold it in place. We have very small hoops to larger hoops. The larger hoops let us embroidery a full front or full back embroidery designs. See the hoop used to hold the hat in place. The embroidery head is stationary and the hooped item is moved around by the machine below the needles. 

a hat being embroidered
8. Do you individually package items?

Yes, some organizations need individual packaging of items. Talk to your sales person about the price.

individually package embroidery garments
9. How many colours can be in an embroidery design?

Up to six different colours can be embroidered into one design. 

There are many thread colours to choose from and we keep a sample kit in the showroom to make sure you get the exact thread colour you like. 

10. What if I want to order more than 10,000 stitches?

We can embroider more than 10,000 stitches. A salesperson can give you a price, we charge a standard rate for every extra 1,000 stitches in a design.

Frequently Asked Questions Screen Printing

1. Can you screen print numbers on jerseys?

We use a screen printing number machine to give the best results on sports jerseys. Many screen printing companies will use a heat press machine for numbers that gives the garment a stiff feel and the numbers will often peel off over time. Our screen print machine is permanent and the numbers are flexible.

screen printed numbers for jerseys
2. Does it cost more to screen print more colours?

Yes, screen printing prices increase with the addition of extra colours in the design. Each colour must be printed with its own screen. So for a six colour screen print, six screens must be burned. Also, the artwork has to be separated into different colours and then the entire design must be lined up perfectly so the final work looks uniform.

two colour screen print example

In this image, the white was screen printed first, then the screen printed places the white print under a drying arm so that when the second ink colour is applied the first ink colour doesn't stick and pull at the shirt.

3. How long will the screen print last?

The dryer cures the ink after the screen printing process. The garments are sent through our Sprint Modular Gas Dryer with high-forced air, to cure the ink at 204°C (400° Fahrenheit). This professional process with the proper equipment ensures that your design stays on year after year.

Sportop has screen printing equipment for flat garments (shirts, towels, etc.), caps, as well as, a specialized number printer to screen print numbers on athletic uniforms.

4. How many colours can be screen printed in one design?

Sportop can screen print up to nine different colours.

5. What are the screen printing colours you stock?
6. What do your screen print fonts look like?

Frequently Asked Questions Promotional Products

1. Can I visit your supplier's website for product ideas?

See a list of our Promotional Product Suppliers. We can order from any company on this list.

2. Do you sell more promotional products?

Yes, we sell offer more than 10,000 promotional products. Our website just shows a few of our offerings. Please contact us with your request. 

Toll Free: 1-888-SPORTOP (776-7867)

Direct: 1-807-346-5400

3. Is there a setup charge?

Yes, promotional products have a setup charge. Typically around $50.

Frequently Asked Questions Fastenal

1. Can I order over the phone?

Yes, call toll-free 1-888-SPORTOP

2. Do you ship to U.S.A.?

This program only ships to Canada. See your company representative to find out where to shop for Fastenal Clothing in the United States of America.

3. How long is delivery?

The typical answer is 7 to 10 business days but other factors may change the expected delivery date. 

After receiving your order, we custom embroider your selected garment. Then your order is shipped via Canada Post Signature Required. Some products (like jackets) we order, as needed, from our supplier, so these products take slightly longer for delivery. Most products we stock in our warehouse.

Please contact customerservice@sportop.com if you would like to know more about the delivery of your item. 

4. What type of payments are available online?

Use Paypal to pay for your order.

5. When did I order last?

You can view My Account which displays an order history placed after November 1, 2012.

Or email customerservice@sportop.com to enquire when you placed your last order. Or phone toll-free at 1-888-SPORTOP

6. Who do I contact to place a bulk order?

Yes, for bulk orders contact Derek Geddes at derek@sportop.com or call him at 1-888-SPORTOP.

Sportop is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST.

Frequently Asked Questions Tbaytel

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Customer Testimonial

As staff advisor for the Sir Winston Churchill Competitive Cheerleading team it has been a pleasure to rely on Sportop for our many team warm-up needs.  Rachel De Franceschi has gone above and beyond in providing clothing and design options.  Rachel and the artwork department have modified our designs and come up with creative and eyecatching new designs for us.  As new products come in that may interest us, Rachel is quick to let us know.  Sportop also supported our team fundraising efforts in their sponsorship of Junior Cheerleading competitions hosted by SWC this year.  Turnover times always accomodate our needs and we have been very happy with the quality of all our purchases.

Krista Beange, Sir Winston Churchill Trojans Cheerleading (9-Mar-2011)