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Call Kim at Sportop toll-free: 1-888-776-7867. 

This toll-free number is listed at the bottom of every webpage.

We ship to Canada only.

Welcome Fastenal Employees

Your employee uniforms are embroidered and screen printed in Canada by Sportop Marketing. We are a provider for all Canadian Fastenal employees.

Please refer below to Log In Help for more information about your current sign-in, or how to create an account.

Log In Help

1. What is my username and password?

Existing Accounts:

❶ If you already have an account and do not remember your password, use the following link and fill out the [Lost Password] portion by entering your e-mail address: Click Here

Prior to 2017, Fastenal sent us your name and 7-digit employee ID number and we created Usernames and Passwords in the following way:
Username: LastnameEmployeeID | Password: EmployeeID
 •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •
 For example, John Smith with the Employee ID 0123456 would sign in using the following information: 
 Username: Smith0123456 | Password: 0123456

New Accounts:

❷ If you do not have an account use the following link and fill out the [Register Below] portion: Click Here

  • Please be sure to use your Fastenal E-mail Address as we will have to provide you access to the Workwear Catalogues. This will notify us to allow that for you.
  • You can enter any username or password you would like.
2. Are you having trouble logging in?

We can help you!

Contact us Toll-Free 1-888-776-7867. 
(Sportop is on Eastern Standard Time - same as Toronto).

Or email customerservice@sportop.com and we can either send you your username and password, or enable your current account with access to the Fastenal Workwear Catalogue.


Please keep in mind we are a provider for Canadian Fastenal employees. Fastenal USA employees have a different provider.
3. Can I register for my own account?


Previously, Fastenal sent us employee lists and we would set up each individual account. As of 2017, you are able to create your own account using your Fastenal e-mail address.

4. Are you going to send me unsolicited email?

We will NEVER spam you. We will only contact you about an order you placed through our company. 

If you want to receive our newsletter about specials and deals with Sportop.com, you need  to sign up for the newsletter. 

Your privacy is very important to us. Any information we have about you, is stored in a secured database. If you ever want to know what information we have stored about you, please email customerservice@sportop.com and we can check the database records. 

We generally have your name and employee ID number. For new employees, we also have your Fastenal email address.

If you have placed an order, we have your shipping address and a history of what you have ordered.

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